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Our Story and Awards

Our Elixir Bar and Alchemy Studio is based in California and owned by Samantha Hemingway, an award winning Alchemist in Botanical medicines, Metaphysics and Spiritual Intelligence.

Samantha's focus as an Alchemist is on preparing next generation futuristic Elixirs, Alchemy Oils and Perfumes with medicinal benefits that employ a process of Spiritual Awakening, to obtain Full Realization, Spiritual ascension, and bring awareness to the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Samantha is studying NeuroScience at Harvard and works closely with NeuroPaths, Mixologists and NeuroScientists, a member of the British Herbal Medical Association (BHMA)  and International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) and registered and quality controlled under iDNA Detect and adhere to USFDA Supplement Marketing.



2023 Alchemist of the Year, LUX Life 
2023 Certificate of Excellence, Restaurant Guru 
2023 Best Health Elixir, Fitness & Nutrition Awards
2023 Most Influential CEO Business Woman Awards
2023 Best UK Neuro-Tonics, LUX Global excellence Awards
2023 Excellence in Botanical Medicine - Californian Business Awards
2023 Best Botanical Medicine Centre LA, Global Health &Pharma Awards
2022 'Best Neurotonic' Lux Life Awards.
    2021 'Best Natural Medicine Centre' Greater Los Angeles, Social Care Awards.
      2020 'Most Avant Garde Creative Events Brand' Global Excellence Awards, hosted by LUX Life Magazine UK. 
        2020 'No1 Luxury Neuro Elixir in The World' Health, Beauty &Wellness Awards.
          2019 'Alchemist of the Year' Lux Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards  
            2018 'Alchemist of the Year' Lux Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 


               All Elixirs are co-created with 100% natural ingredients:

              ❤ Naturally sourced and 100% botanical 
              ❤ Natural Manuka honey preservatives
              ❤ Non synthetic and non alcoholic 
              ❤ Airtight and Pressure sealed 
              ❤ Recyclable glass bottles
              ❤ Not tested on Animals

              High Quality

              Prepared in exclusive batches by our Founder and Alchemist Samantha Hemingway in her Alchemy Studio in the heart of California. All natural preservatives and ingredients.

              Fast US Domestic & Worldwide Shipping

              Our Elixirs are carefully packed, in air tight pressure sealed glass for freshness. Shipped and tracked Fast. US Domestic 2-6 days. UPS Expedited 3-5 days. Express Worldwide 3 days.

              Same Day Delivery Los Angeles Area, CA

              Orders placed before 2pm will be delivered to your door same day. Please call us before ordering as delivery prices can fluctuate.