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Elixir Bar Events

Our next generation Elixir Bar has featured at Retreats, Art Exhibits, Clubs, Bars & Festivals in London, Ibiza, Tulum, Miami and Los Angeles and Beyond... 


PHuturistic-Art, 3D/4D and Kinetic Art:

Elixir Bar synchronises the events Astrology Natal chart to the Elixir formulation. Energetic and charged with potenised Crystal water, our Elixirs lift vibrations, expand vision and create Art-Aura's. 


PHuturist-Mind Innovative Retreats:

Integrating our Chakra and Astro Elixirs within our PHuturist-Mind retreats and ceremonies.

Through self empowerment we find a new healing paradigm. Our Elixirs initiate healing and repair to provide permanent changes.

Strengthen true Life Force Energy and create positive transformations spiritually, emotionally and physically.


Elixir-Bar events:

Our Elixirs Induce empathy & imagination, stimulating Audio and Visual reception to increase an organic elation.

Our PHuturistic Elixirs raise frequencies, lift the energy vibration, to delve deep, inspire your soul and transport you to a Higher Level of Consciousness.

Past Events 

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January 2020, PPP Hotel, Mayan Warriors, Tulum

December 2019 Art Basel Miami 

November 2019 Anahata Healing Retreat, Ojai

October 2019 Sol Food Day-Retreat West Hollywood

September 2019 Wild As the Moon, De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

August 2019 Equinox Experience, Los Angeles

April 2019 Coachella Music & Arts Festival, California 

January 2019 LA Art Show After-Hours,  Los Angeles 

14th April 2018 - Coachella, Charlie XCX Nylon Magazine, Palm Springs 

13th April 2018 - Coachella, Control Alt Enter, Palm Springs 

January 11th 2018 - LA ArtShow After Hours, Pacific Design centre, LA 

January 4th &9th 2018 - Mayan Warriors, Papaya Playa Project, Tulum 

December 2017 - Star Wars Art premier, Pacific Design Centre, LA

August 2017 -  Sacred Cacao & Crystal ceremony - Hollywood 

April 2017 - Elixir-Bar - Core Collective SBE VIP, Coachella, California

January 2017 - LA Art Show official after hours - NeueHouse, Hollywood 

November 2016  - Elixir-Bar x Tranarchy - Super Future Studio's, DTLA​

October 2015 - PHuturistic-Art x Elixir-Bar - Silver Odyssey Studios Hollywood 

December 2015 - Private Xmas party - Shoreditch, East London 

August 2015 - Fit to Feast - Venice, Los Angeles

September 2015 - Cult Workout retreat - Ibiza 


High Quality

Prepared in exclusive batches by our Founder and Alchemist Samantha Hemingway in her Alchemy Studio in the heart of California. All natural preservatives and ingredients.

Fast US Domestic & Worldwide Shipping

Our Elixirs are carefully packed, in air tight pressure sealed glass for freshness. Shipped and tracked Fast. US Domestic 2-6 days. UPS Expedited 3-5 days. Express Worldwide 3 days.

Same Day Delivery Los Angeles Area, CA

Orders placed before 2pm will be delivered to your door same day. Please call us before ordering as delivery prices can fluctuate.